What Our Customers Are Saying

"My Kyocera Ceramic Nakiri Vegetable Cleaver, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love how you never ever get dull - never and when you do (about 1 or 2 times a year) I send you off to some strange little shop in Irvine along with $10 and you come back resharpened with all the nicks honed out. I love how you can slice a garlic clove as thin as Ray Liotta was able to in that great jail cell scene in Goodfellas. I love how I can cut perfect geometric squares out of diamond hard celeriac. 
But most of all I love how easy you make every single cutting job known to man. You, my black Kyocera vegetable cleaver, are even more dear to me than my 33-year-old ginsu knife. 

          Paul Mones www.huffingtonpost.com 

"I received my first knife for Christmas 2008. Since then I have purchased 3 more as gifts and bought myself another knife. I love the product and the sharpening service is great!"

          Laura McDonald 
          Cerritos, CA 

"I work in a restaurant and everyone always reaches for my Kyocera knife! Perfect for vegetables and fruits with tough skins such as tomatoes, grapes, lemons and apples. Love them!"

          Maggie Philpot 
          Lawrenceburg, TN 

"We love our knives. We received the first one as a house warming gift over five years ago and have bought 5 more since. They are sharp, stain and odor free and overall pretty fabulous. I can't rave enough about how much we enjoy using them."

          Holly Pelay 
          Wamego, KS

"Kyocera Ceramic Knives are a must in the kitchen. Thanks for this technology."

          Lin Pawlyk 
          Haddon Twp, NJ 

"Your (sharpening) service is wonderful; please don't change a thing!"

          Patricia Garven 
          Canyon Lake, TX 

"Your Sharpening service is one of the primary reasons we use your knives - 1st class."

          Stuart Sitzman 
          Palm Desert, CA 

"Every cut on everything is flawless because it is so effortless."

          Cecil Eiland 
          Birmingham, AL

"Just wanted to pass on some congratulations to you guys...you make great cutlery and have fantastic customer service/warranty."

          Brad Boehringer 
          Cambridge, MA 

"I am grateful for my slicers - dinnertime has become a lot easier thanks to these tools. Which means more time to enjoy the food before me."

          Stephanie Dickison 
          Toronto, Ontario 

"Because of your excellent customer service, to say I am 'satisfied' with Kyocera is an understatement. I have already bought two more Kyocera products: the peeler and the slicer/mandoline. You've made me a true believer!"

          Susan Stuchlik Edwards 
          Dover, DE 

"My wife and I are ‘scratch’ cooks and therefore spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We use Kyocera ceramic knives exclusively because of the quality of the blade, the length of time it maintains sharpness and the outstanding service we have received from Kyocera.  Number of years between resharpenings: 5."

          Edward Robinson
          Rockville, MD 

"I have three of your ceramic knives. The first one I got I have had for a while and have already sent back to you for resharpening once. These are absolutelythe best knives I have ever used. I cannot function without them now and use them for everything. Everyone who comes into my kitchen asks me about them and I tell them how fabulous they are. Thank you for a REALLY great product!"

          Susanne Speh
          Inverness, CA

"I love them! I always keep them handy. Besides the knives, I also like the peeler."

         Steve R.
         Pacific Palisades, CA

"My two black ceramic knives were gifts from my husband. He loves fine blades and I love sharp kitchen tools. I adore the Kyocera blades for their ability to remain sharp."

          Diane Lund 
          Minnetonka, MN

"Your knives are the best I have ever had. I do a lot of cooking and have many knives but Kyocera are the best. My husband also purchased the peeler and the julienne for me. I’m very happy with all your products."

          Carole Cole
          Saddlebrook, NJ

"Stays sharp longer than the knives I have been using. Thanks, I am sold on your product."

          Benjamin Chin
          Iselin, NJ

"Amazing! A knife this sharp is a joy to use. It’s become an indispensable part of my kitchen. I love it! It’s lightweight and makes fast work of preparing meals."

          Heidi Ender
          Burbank, CA

"My Kyocera knife is the sharpest knife in my household. I own some very nice knives yet none of them hold an edge as long as my Kyocera. Even after seven months it still has a razor edge."

          Robert Hunton 
          San Diego, CA 

"We love your ceramic peeler. In fact, we were taking it with us on our Thanksgiving trip. We always make the mashed potatoes. Thank you. Happy Holidays."

          Steven Poster 
          Beverly Hills, CA

"I purchased the knife 2 years ago Mother’s Day. ‘Just want to tell you my mom loves the knife. Thanks for the great product."

          Dorothy Williams 
          San Diego, CA

"I first became aware of the knife by seeing Ming Tsai use it and became intrigued. Saw & bought it. End of story. The absolute BEST knife I have ever used. Lasted almost 2 years before it needed resharpening!"

          Bob Bermuda 
          Bridgewater, NJ

"I am a raw food vegetarian. I have been using Kyotop for years to cut my organic vegetables. I am so grateful for the purity of the ceramic blade. I have sent in this knife for resharpening. The service is prompt and beloved knife was restored to diamond sharpness."

          Pat Friend 
          Pauma Valley, CA 

"I love my ceramic knife. It’s a work of art and a pleasure to use. It went 4 and a half years before I sent it in for resharpening."

          Stuart Berson 
          Mahwah, NJ 

"Thanks again for the Great Customer Service. I will always be a loyal customer."

          Abraham Livchitz 
          San Jose, CA

"My knife lasted five years between resharpening. Just unbelievable but true. And your customer service was exceptional."

         Lynn Baty 
         Las Vegas, NV 

"My Kyocera knives have been one of the best of my investments in many years. Thank you for such a wonderful product."

         John Schoonmaker 
         West Warren, MA

"I thought you would enjoy this story: We boat at Lake Powell and were caught in a storm. A rope became tangled in one of the props. My husband came running from the gallery yelling: ‘this is the sharpest thing on the boat’ and we cut the rope and started the engine within 4 feet of the rocks. This will be the talk of the marina for months!"

          Mike and Dannie Butler
         Glendale, AZ 

"My Husband bought a black and white Kyocera Ceramic Paring Knives for me as a gift last year... and I LOVE THEM!! I think I'd be lost without them. I now refuse to buy any other kind."

         Ciji Lambert
         Vinita, OK 

"A new peeler from Kyocera is well named: it is called The Perfect Peeler. The blade on the rotating head is made of razor-sharp ceramic material that won't rust, corrode or alter the taste or smell of food. It is dishwasher safe. Right-handers and left-handers will appreciate this peeler. And unlike some other peelers, the peeler glides effortlessly through foods without taking off too much. Personal Chef and CBA instructor Wendy Gauthier said this peeler is perfect for shaving chocolate, too."

          - Personal Chef Magazine, Sept-Oct 2006 Issue

"Have the "chopping" knife and I love it. Have others that I have used but this one is a real "cut" above the rest. I always buy fresh bread and it goes right thru it with no squashing or tearing...although I DO have to remember to keep my fingers out from under the blade!!"

          Carole German
          Howell, MI 

"Great kitchen products"

          Jurgen Wurth
         San Clemente, CA