Premier Elite Series

Our Premium Line of Ceramic Knives

Featuring a distinctive etched design on the blade reminiscent of a traditional Japanese zen sand garden

Hot-Isostatic blade for greater durability

Stainless steel bolster and rivets

Stunning Pakka wood handle

Made in Japan

  1. 3" Premier Elite Paring

    3" Premier Elite Paring

    For trimming, peeling, mincing and creating garnishes Learn More
  2. 4.5" Premier Elite Utility

    4.5" Premier Elite Utility

    For precision slicing and straight cuts Learn More
  3. 5.5" Premier Elite Santoku

    5.5" Premier Elite Santoku

    An all-purpose knife for slicing, dicing and mincing Learn More
  4. 6" Premier Elite Chef's Santoku

    6" Premier Elite Chef's Santoku

    A high-performance knife for chopping, slicing and dicing Learn More
  5. 7" Premier Elite Chef's

    7" Premier Elite Chef's

    A high-performance knife for everyday tasks Learn More
  6. 8.25" Sashimi Knife

    8.25" Sashimi Knife

    SALE! Learn More

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"We shaved tomatoes into translucent discs and carved a whole-grain loaf into playing-card-thin toast.” Revolution 5” Micro-Serrated Utility Knife

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“Easily serves up perfectly sliced vegetables, from paper thin to moderately thick.” Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

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