Ceramic Kitchen Tools

Ceramic Kitchen Tools

Save time using these efficient tools for that prep task at hand.

Ultra-sharp ceramic blade that will remain sharp

Advanced ceramic won’t brown foods, flavors remain fresh

Germ-resistant and rust-proof

Dishwasher safe

  1. Utra-sharp blades

    Will not brown foods

    5 styles for any application

    Multiple color selection

    Ergonomic handles

  2. Ultra-sharp ceramic blades

    Will not brown foods

    5 styles to choose from

    Safe - no blades to switch out

    Versatile, durable, affordable

    Handguards included

  3. Advanced ceramic grinding teeth will never alter the flavor

    Unique shredding tools

    Quick & easy results

    No-slip silicone ring on bottom

  4. For cleaning cutting boards, BBQ’s, etc.

    Great for furniture refurbishing

    Durable ceramic scraping edge

    Comfortable, ergonomic handle

  5. For ceramic or steel blades

    Advanced ceramic grinding wheel or rod

    Safe and effortless

    Effective results

"We shaved tomatoes into translucent discs and carved a whole-grain loaf into playing-card-thin toast.” Revolution 5” Micro-Serrated Utility Knife

Popular Mechanics

“Easily serves up perfectly sliced vegetables, from paper thin to moderately thick.” Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

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