Ceramic Advantage

Ceramic Advantage

The Ceramic Advantage:

Sharpness: Our ultra-sharp advanced ceramic blade will retain its original sharpness at least 10 times longer than steel blades.

Purity: Rust-proof, will never brown foods, impervious to acids and oils, no metallic taste or smell. Advanced ceramic is a pure & healthy alternative.

Lightweight: Typically half the weight of metal-based knives, offers total ease of use with the most difficult cutting tasks. Ergonomic handles produce a well-balanced, highly controlled grip.

Easy to Clean: The fact that advanced ceramic does not absorb any food element, allows just a quick rinse and wipe with a kitchen towel.

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  1. Sharper blades that remain sharp

    Pure & healthy alternative

    Long lasting performance

    Perfect complement to your steel knives

  2. Crafted in Japan, with over 56 years experience.

    Zirconia Z206, Kyocera's proprietary advanced ceramic.

    Stronger, denser blades hold edge longer than other ceramic knives.

    Product Warranty and Lifetime Sharpening.

  3. Kyocera shows independent testing and comparison against high carbon and stainless steel as well as other ceramic knife manufacturers. Learn about a material that is only second in hardness to diamond.
  4. Ceramic is a unique material that people get very excited about. The benefits of lasting sharpness, the purity factor, and the llightweight feel is truly inspiring. Chefs and customers want to share their experiences with us and we invite you to do the same.
  5. How do I sharpen a Kyocera ceramic knife? What is the ceramic knife warranty? How do I care for a ceramic knife? The answers to these questions and more are readily available.
  6. If you have a product idea that uses a ceramic blade, we would like to hear about it! Please fill out the attached questionnaire and submit it. We'll evaluate your proposal promptly. Thank you.

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