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12.5” Ceramic Coated Nonstick Wok w/ lid


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Quick Overview

12.5” wok is ideal for braising, pan frying, roasting, searing and


Kyocera’s new 12.5” WOK is ideal for braising, pan frying, roasting, searing and stir-frying. The high-sloping sides of this flat-bottom wok are ideal for containing ingredients while cooking. Ergonomically shaped stainless steel handles offer a secure comfortable grip and safe lifting. The tempered-glass lid lets you view contents during cooking and features a steam-release vent. The new 12.5” wok incorporates Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic nonstick coating technology which is shown to outlast other leading brands.The ceramic coating provides superior non-stick performance that is safe, scratch resistant and very easy to clean. The heavy gauge aluminum base clad with a stainless base provides excellent thermal conductivity resulting in quick and even heat distribution.

Care & Use

• Lightly coat the inside surface of the ceramic WOK with oil before you start cooking.Do not use aerosol cooking sprays; buildup over time will cause foods to stick.

• Do this each time you cook with the WOK, unless the food is high in fat content, which will coat the WOK itself

• Cook with low or medium heat in your ceramic WOK pan. Ceramic cookware heats evenly and retains heat well, so medium or low heat is all that's needed. Using high heat causes foods to stick to the pan, which can discolor or damage the surface

• Store the ceramic WOK separately from other cookware, especially other ceramic

• Do not stack other cookware in your ceramic WOK

• Rinse the WOK in warm water promptly after cooking to remove excess food and grease. Avoid letting it sit on the hot stovetop, which can damage the pan

• Kyocera cookware is recommended for all cooking surfaces including induction

Features & Benefits

• Kyocera's proprietary ceramic nonstick coating

• PTFE-free, PFOA-free, Cadmium-free

• Quick and even heat distribution

• Exceptional scratch and abrasion resistance

• Durable riveted professional stainless handle

• Induction ready cookware

• Easy to clean

• Tempered-glass lid

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