Kyocera offers complimentary sharpening for KYOCERA ADVANCED CERAMIC knives only. A $10 shipping and handling charge is required per shipment. Each shipment can contain as many Kyocera knives as you own.

For U.S. and Canadian Residents Only

 If you'd like to have your knife(s) sharpened, please print this page and fill out the form below. Please send the form with your knife(s) carefully packaged with all sharp edges protected and enclose a $10 check or money order made out to Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation or your credit card information including card number and expiration date to:

KYOCERA Industrial Ceramics Corporation

Attention: Knife Sharpening Dept

3565 Cadillac Ave.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(888) 700-7371





Address: (no P.O. Boxes please) _______________________________________________________________________________




City: _________________________________________________   State: _______________   Zip Code: _____________________


Check: ______________       Money Order: ________________


 Credit Card Type: (type)               MC: ____________      Visa: ____________   AmEx: ___________  


Credit Card Number: _________________________________________________________________________________________


Expiration Date: _______________________         CVV Code: _______




Signature: ____________________________________________________________


If you would like to sharpen your ceramic knives at home, please consider our battery operated ceramic knife sharpener.

Visit for more information.

Ceramic Knife Sharpener

Ceramic Knife Sharpener

For sharpening information outside North America, please visit the following link: Global Sharpening Information